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Terms & Conditions

Please be advised that when booking a move with Top Pro Movers Contracting, you, the customer are agreeing to allow our company Top Pro Movers Contracting to service you in your upcoming move. Please read the following for an understanding of our terms and conditions and frequently asked questions upon booking a move with us. Please be advised that below we have updated our Terms and Conditions as of May 3rd, 2022. 

Does Top Pro Movers Contracting offer insurance?

Yes, Top Pro Movers Contracting does offer insurance for certain job types. For example, if a customer books directly with our company, whether it be for a labor only move (with no equipment provided by us such as truck, etc.), or it if it is a full service move (with labor and equipment provided by us), we can offer insurance. Insurance is automatically added in the full service move because full service moves come with greater liability because we are not only loading and unloading your items, we are also responsible for transporting your items as well. With full service moves, we offer load and unload insurance as well as safe travel insurance to insure your items in case of an accident. However, with labor only direct booked moves, insurance is not automatically within the package, but it is offered in the booking price. You can keep it on your order at the time of booking or have it removed. Please be advised that adding the insurance will cost you an additional fee, and the fee can vary by move or in-state/out of state bookings. However, if insurance is NOT purchased, Top Pro Movers can not be held liable for any damages.

NEW as of May 3rd, 2022

Top Pro Movers Contracting does now offer a safeload insurance provided by uhaul, when we are performing jobs sent to us by MovingHelp/Uhaul. Prior to May 3rd, 2022, we did NOT offer this insurance because Movinghelp/Uhaul only offers this insurance to seasoned select movers, and as of May 1st, our company finally reached that threshold. Therefore, as of May 3rd, 2022, Top Pro Movers Contracting does offer Insured moves with Movinghelp jobs, however, you do have to pay for it and add it to your move, otherwise, your move will not be covered and could be deemed as an uninsured move with your items NOT protected in case of damages.

What kind of moves ARE NOT  insured by Top Pro Movers Contracting?

Moves that are not covered by Top Pro Movers Contracting include, moves that are sent to us by third party companies. For example, if you book us through the SML/Penske moving labor site, your move is not insured. This site does offer insured movers, however, at this time our company Top Pro Movers Contracting is NOT one of them. Insurance has to be paid for and filed by our company or with a partner such as Movinghelp at the time of booking. 

Other moves that are not covered include moves where the customer decides NOT to go with the insurance on their labor only order, whether it be independent or through the MovingHelp website or another third party company site whereas the customer books us without insurance. If in the event a customer chooses NOT to add insurance to their move. Top Pro Movers Contracting will not be held liable for any damages. 

We don't cover the second half of partial moves. This means if we are hired to do a load only or an unload only, our insurance will only cover the items for the time being in our possession, meaning once we have finished the job on our end with no damage report, the insurance ends at the time that load only or unload only ends. For example, if a customer books us to load them in one location, and we finish the job successfully with no damage report, and let's say that customer then travels across country or a few hours away to their next destination and has someone else (that's not our company) to unload them, due to our company NOT being a full service provider for the customer we CAN NOT be held liable for any damages caused after the load only or unload only service that we provided, nor can we be held liable for items damaged during transit or during their unload on the other end. The reason being we only insure what we cover whether it be a load only or unload only is because we are only responsible for one half of the job that we cover. The customer is responsible for their items if they are the ones driving the truck(transporting their items) and whomever is on the other end to unload or load their items before us is responsible for covering the customers items at the beginning or destination point. 

How long do I have to file a claim if my move is insured?

Any claims of damages if possible are to be filed during the time of your move and or the day of depending on your move type. Meaning, if you have an item that is damaged by the crew during the job, the move should then be stopped, with pictures taken of the item and sent in to be investigated, so that the process can begin. A thorough investigation of what happened on the job then begins, however, the job must be still paid in full. We prefer any damage claims to be filed during the job to avoid any fraudulent claims so that both parties are present such as the workers and the customer.  In some cases whereas the move is NOT insured and the customer is aware of the damage, we may offer a discount for that move of what the remaining balance is. If the customer accepts the discount and is aware of any damages that occurred on the job and is aware or made aware that he/she booked an uninsured move, no further action can be taken because the customer is aware that they booked an uninsured move as well as is taking the discount as a resolution to the problem with our company to resolve an uninsured move. For moves where we provide a labor only service such as load only or unload only moves that are insured, we only cover the items for the time that they are in our possession. For example, if we are covering a labor only move for a load only that is indeed insured, once that load is finished, that is also the end time of the insurance. Meaning if an item was damaged after the fact during transit, or the unload (done by someone else other than our company), those items are not covered because we are not the responsible party for the load and unload, meaning we only cover the one half of the job done by us.

What kind of payment options does Top Pro Movers Contracting offer?

NEW As of May 5th, 2022

Top Pro Movers Contracting offers its customers the options to pay by cash, or credit or debit card. We do NOT accept checks as a form of payment at this time. However, as of May 5th, 2022, for labor only moves, a two hour minimum has to be paid up front by cash the day before the move by 7p.m. to fully confirm the move, similar to that of the full service move. However, if on the day of the move the customer needs more time for their move and would like to pay additional fees by cash, the customer may due so.

When do payments have to be made for moves?

Payment for labor only moves such as load only or unload only moves must be paid by credit or debit card the day before the move by 7p.m. for the minimum of the 2 hours to confirm your move. The two hour minimum for labor only moves must be paid up front beginning May 5th, 2022. Any additional hourly fees added the day of the move, can be paid the day of the move, after the move is complete, by cash or card before movers leave the site.

For full service movers, the job must be paid in full upfront the day before the move is due to take place by 7p.m. by credit or debit card, to finish confirming the move. Any additional hours that are added to the move the day of the move, can be paid by cash or card the day of the move, after the move is complete. Please be advised that all fees must be paid and accounted for on or by the end of the move on the day of the move before movers are released from the moving site. Please be advised that we do not keep any of your card information on file when running card transactions. You also receive a receipt for each transaction made by us. All card transactions are made safe and secure to protect our customers privacy.

Does Top Pro Movers Contracting charge cancellation fees?

For Moves Cancelled Completely Before Moving Date With NO Reschedule:

Starting May 3rd, 2022, Top Pro Movers Contracting has announced that for moves that are cancelled BEFORE payment is received, those cancellations will be FREE to the customer. However, if a customer makes a payment the day before the move or prior to the day before the move and chooses to cancel their move after submitting payment, the customer will be refunded a portion of their move. If a customer has submitted payment prior to their move date or the day before their move, but later contacts us later in the day or prior ( before the move date) to cancel their service, a refund will be given with a $10 service charge held. 


For Moves Cancelled The Day of The Move With NO Reschedule:

However, for moves that are canceled on the day that the move is due to take place, and the customer decides to cancel with no reschedule, the customer will be charged a $25-$50 cancellation fee for labor only moves depending on the location that the service was due to take place and refunded the remaining balance. However, for full service moves, the customer will be charged a $100-$150 cancellation fee, and refunded the remaining balance, again the fee charged is depended upon location as well as if the crew has been dispatched with or without equipment and or a truck already acquired.

For Moves Cancelled With A Reschedule:

If a customer has NOT paid for their move yet and needs to reschedule, their will be no penalties for changing the date or time and rescheduling their move.

If a customer has paid for their move and needs to reschedule the date and time, the customer must call at least 2 to 3 hours in advance during our normal business hours of operation to avoid any additional fees being charged. Please visit our CONTACT page to view our normal hours of operation.

For example, if a crew is already dispatched and headed to assist the customer and the customer calls last minute to reschedule,  we will gladly work with our customers on the rescheduling but their will be additional fees involved if not given the proper notice.

For labor only moves, rescheduled last minute (for the same day or a different day) after the crew has been dispatched, it will be an additional $30 to $60 fee charged (pricing may vary upon location).

For full service moves that are rescheduled at the last minute after the crew has been dispatched, and the truck and equipment has already been acquired, it will be an additional $100 to $150 charged (pricing may vary by location). If in the event a customer cancels last minute and it is before the truck and equipment is acquired, but the crew has been dispatched, it could be a $50-$70 fee charged and again pricing may vary, based on location. Please be advised that unlike labor only moves, full service moves are normally reschedule for a different day and are rarely rescheduled for the same day once equipment has been acquired. 

When are crews dispatched?

Movers are normally dispatched an Hour and a half before the move is due to take place. However, in some cases movers can be dispatched as early as 2 hours in advance depending on your location or how far out the movers need to travel to come and assist you. Please be advised that you can ask your move coordinator when your movers will be dispatched to avoid reschedule fees in case of needing to reschedule.